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The purpose of this website is to assist farmers and food processors with a path, information, tools and resources to assess the renewable energy opportunity in their business. We're striving to offer value from project start to finish by providing information and discussion platforms like this web-site and our blog.

We propose to include farmers, processors, advisors, lenders and others involved in the industry in our network to promote a common understanding of the energy business opportunity in agriculture.

A renewable energy business applies to some, energy conversation and efficiency applies to all. It is job one when considering renewable and alternative energy systems on farm and for food processing. The conservation business opportunity will be an area of focus for this site and our blog.

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10 Reasons to Have an
Energy Business Plan
1. Sets benchmarks to determine success
2. Gets all stakeholders on the same page
3. Connects the dots to help determine
    impacts to total operation & each enterprise
4. Helps to clarify vision
5. Acts as a guide to determine
   budgets,timelines, and milestones
6. Helps to determine when project is off track
7. Saves time as some activities have long
    lead-times & could be done simultaneously
8. Provides flexibility as plans can be changed
9. Provides greater control; decisions
    are made consciously, & are organized
10.Gives peace of mind
    Farm Energy Online Blog
    This blog aims to extend renewable energy and energy conservation information, ideas, resources, and networks to Canadian Farmers. We wish to facilitate successful energy business decisions.
    MONDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2010
    OFA: Give Farmers More Power

    There is some interesting statistics and information about hydro rates in Ontario in an article from Don McCabe, V.P. Ontario Federation of Agriculture. It also outlines some of the programs OFA have fought hard to maintain for the benefit of Ontario farmers.

    For you producers outside Ontario - it may be interesting to compare.

    See: www.farms.com/FarmsPages/Commentary/DetailCommentary/tabid/192/Default.aspx?NewsId=34511

    So long for now,
    Julie Harlow

    To read more go to http://www.farmenergyonline.blogspot.com//

    What is bioenergy?
    Bioenergy is produced by the release of stored chemical energy contained in fuels made from biomass. Biomass is actually a product of solar energy that has been stored by the photosynthetic activity ...
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